MishMish Paper Co.





All my life, I have gravitated towards various forms of art and color theory. Even at such a young age, I loved creating with anything I could get my hands on.  I am passionate about exploring and learning different art mediums, applying the various techniques to whatever inspires me.  

Over the past few yeas, I discovered there is something exciting about the marriage of letterpress, art, and design. I wouldn’t call myself a printer, but, working with a unique, traditional technique that allows access to my work on a broader scale has encouraged me to join the revival in keeping letterpress alive and making it known to others.  All these things and preserving intentional letter writing have encouraged and influenced me to create fine art paper goods. 

Mishmish is the Armenian word for apricot.  The story behind MishMish began years ago when I usually pestered my Armenian Grandfather (1st generation American) to speak to me in Armenian, or teach me particular words.  I have always wanted to honor my Armenian heritage in some way, shape, or form- and what better way to incorporate that through my very own business.

My style is elegant and simple, with a dash of timelessness.  I am inspired by organic elements, textures, movement, and the demand of my attention to colors all around us. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and I hope we can create something great together!

-Lindsay (founder)

 Lindsay is from Upstate, New York and graduated from Houghton College with a degree in Fine Art in Studio Art.  She met her husband, Paul (a native to the Wirral, UK), while he was studying at Houghton College on a soccer scholarship.  Together, after getting married in 2015, they moved to Chester, England and currently reside in Hoole.